The history of RAISE Texas goes back to 2002 when we began as the Texas IDA Network (TIDAN). TIDAN was created to support and expand individual development accounts (IDAs) programs in Texas.

By 2005, we decided to change our name to the Texas Asset Building Coalition (TABC) to reflect the increased number of asset-building products and activities our members were delivering alongside their IDA programs.

In late 2005, TABC held its first statewide summit titled RAISE Texas, with “RAISE” standing for Resources, Assets, Investments, Savings, and Education. At the summit, local and state partners developed recommendations on public policies and programs to support asset development in Texas. Following the summit, TABC held seven regional meetings to engage local stakeholders and gather their recommendations on how to move asset-building work forward. We used all of these recommendations to develop our action agenda.

In 2007, stakeholders met and decided formally to create RAISE Texas, a statewide network of nonprofits, for-profit corporations, public institutions and individuals working to increase the financial stability of Texans.

In 2008, RAISE Texas became the first independent 501(c)(3) state asset-building coalition in the country.