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Small Dollar Consumer Loans

For over a decade, RAISE Texas has been supporting the growth of affordable short-term loans. We are working to give Texans consumer-friendly options to access needed cash without having to turn to costly payday and auto-title loans.

Below is a partial list of small dollar loan products available in parts of Texas. RAISE Texas does not endorse these products because terms may change and individual experiences may vary. We encourage you to explore each option and always read the fine print.  

Employer-Based Loans

Other Lower-Cost Small Dollar Loan Options

  • Ask about small dollar loan options at your bank or credit union.
  • Bank of America Balance Assist Loan: short-term loan up to $500 with $5 flat fee, must have been a Bank of America checking customer for one year
  • Capital Good Fund: offers small dollar loan, immigration loan, and credit building loan
  • CreditShop: offers small dollar loan through partnerships (SEIU, NEA)
  • Mission Asset Fund Lending Circles: groups of 5-12 invest a set amount on a monthly basis and each month one member is given a loan to pay back in monthly installments; also offers Immigrant Families Fund Grant
  • Self (formally Self Lender): offers credit building loan
  • University United Methodist Church (Austin):  offers no-interest microloans of up to $1,000 to help individuals grow or stabilize a small business based in Austin