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Financial Coaching

RAISE Texas is working with local experts and practitioners to expand financial coaching services in Texas through trainings, resources, technical support and continuing education.

What is Financial Coaching?

We started with these fundamentals: defining financial coaching and providing a common set of standards and core competencies to ensure high quality, successful programs.

RAISE Texas Definition of Finacial CoachingA client-driven process in which individuals and families work to reach personalized goals related to improving their financial well-being. Coaches should not provide expertise on their clients’ financial issues, but offer tools and resources, encouragement, and monitoring throughout the process of self-directed behavior change.

Texas Statewide Financial Coaching Hub

RAISE Texas launched the Statewide Financial Coaching Hub (Hub) in 2019. Contact us to join the Hub! 

Thank you to our Financial Coaching Committee for their on-going leadership:

Tools for Measuring Coaching Outcomes

We recommend using one of the available tools to measure coaching outcomes.  These scales provide standardized outcomes for each client that can demonstrate the impact of financial coaching programs.

Financial Coaching Resources

Click here for more financial coaching resources.